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Mar 15, 2011 2:00am EDT
in the downfall of the soviet union. but speaking as an engineer, i'm proud to say a lot of u.s. navy personnel stepped up to the plate right after the three mile island accident and improved safety of the nuclear system in the united states. the design of that nuclear reactor at three mile island was much, much better than at chernobyl. >> we have 31 designed nuclear plants in the united states that are similar to the one over at fukushima right now, the one causing the great concern right now. do you think we have a better backup system than they do? they don't have a good one, because it was undermined by the tsunami. it affected the battery backup to the diesel system, none of it worked. they ended up putting in seawater, which is destroying their plant, as an extreme measure. how are we in that regard? in terms of nuclear diesel backup, battery backup, do we have all these backup systems? >> we do. and there are parts of the united states and california where there are two nuclear plants at diablo canyon and san aknow frey where concerns have been raised about size eismic activity. in
Mar 14, 2011 6:00pm PDT
.at the moment we don't hae the information we need to form a clear picture. >> france is also hosting the e.u.'s most ambush tious and expensive nuclear project to date. work is underway on an experimental fusion reactor. the european commission is pumping $7 billion into the project, but now may have to reconsider. let's move on to other international news now, and the united arab emeritus says it has sent some 500 police officers in to bahrain to calm anti-government protests by the kingdom's shia muslim majority. earlier on monday, some 200 saudi military vehicles entered bahrain carrying troops. bahraini state television shows footage of a convoy crossing a convoy and bahrain called on other gulf states to help kwell the demonstrations which are calling for more democracy. the opposition has called the move an act of war. roadblocks set up on protestors sunday to prevent access to the financial business harbor have remained in place. >> well, the libyan government says its forces continue to make advances against rebels in the east of the country. a rebel spokesman has denied claims that gov
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2